Talk 5: The fluidic robotic hand driven by flexible fluidic actuators

Dr. Artem Kargov (KIT Karlsruhe)

Abstract: Robotic hands have proved to be a smart application for the field of service robotics. Flexible Fluidic Actuators are suitable drive mechanisms for robotic hands, due to their outstanding power-to-weight ratio and compact design. Since they are capable of bearing a large number of load cycles they are also interesting for automation applications, where a fluidic pressure supply is present and inherent compliance is required. The latest version of the Fluidic Robotic Hand attached to the humanoid robot is presented. The Fluidhand is driven by custom–made Flexible Fluidic Actuators and provides enhanced functionality. The enhanced actuation system allows high grasping forces if necessary. Flexible fluidic actuators in combination with soft passive elements allow for adaptive grasping, due to the inherent compliance of flexible fluidic actuators and the distribution of grasping forces along the whole contact surface.

CV: Dr.–Ing. Artem Kargov is a research ingenieur in the Institute of Applied Computer Science at the KIT and takes part in the Special Research Project 588 “Humanoid robots – learning and cooperating multimodal robots”. He is responsible for the development of robotic hands. His key activities are the design of robotic hands and grippers and the measurement-technical analysis of developed components.