Talk 3: Human Robot Interaction for Mobile Robots

Prof. Yury Poduraev (MSTU StankIn)

Abstract: The report is devoted to the focusing aspects of advanced mobile robotics: new application areas, interacting sub-systems of mobile intelligent robots and special requirements to robot control methods. The presentation describes four approaches based on obtained research and experimental results in the Human-Machine Interaction field. The list of presented approaches in the context of mobile robotics includes the following:

  • Fusion of Visual and Force Feedbacks,
  • Generation of Force Feedback based on Visual Information,
  • Robot Control System based on Active Servo TV-Camera and Fuzzy Logic Algorithms,
  • Search of Decisions for Multi-Images Understanding Problem.


Present positions:

  • Vice-Rector, Moscow State Technological University “Stankin”

  • Head of Department of Robotics and Mechatronics, MSTU “Stankin”

  • Head of Industrial Robotics Center founded by KUKA Roboter GmbH and MSTU STANKIN

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Mechatronics (Design Methodology, Computer Modelling and Control, Vision Systems and Opto-Mechatronics)

  • Robotics (Manipulation Theory, Parallel Kinematics Machines, Manipulators Dynamics, Robot Control Systems, Robots Application for Pipe Line Inspection)

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

  • International Scientific and Academic Collaboration

Recent International Projects

  • A scientific leader on Russian side of German-Russian project “Development of Control Approach for Parallel Kinematics Machines with Scissors Kinematics”, Fraunhofer-Institut fur Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik (IWU), Chemnitz and MSTU “Stankin”

  • A leader of Russian research team of the project “Hull Identification System for Marine Autonomous Robotics“ (HISMAR) under the 6th Framework European Program on Research, Technological Development and Demonstration