Talk 4: HMI on the Base of Fuzzy Logic Concept

Prof. Dr. Arkady S. Yuschenko (MSTU Bauman)

Abstract: Robot is a technical system for autonomous work in previously undetermined environment. Robot may be treated as an intelligent system because it is capable to describe an image of the current situation, to analyze the environment and separate objects, to plan its own behavior necessary to reach the stated aim. Nevertheless, to fulfill the hazardous and responsible operations the human operator’s experience and intelligence are still necessary. But the mode of control of such intelligent system is sharp different from the tradition ones. The control signals now are the speech commands using a professional problem-oriented language. Feedback is the observation of the robot behavior and speech reply from robot in the cases of indeterminacy or lack of information. So the most rational mode of interface between robot and operator becomes a bilateral speech dialogue. The dialogue mode of control raises the problem of compliance between the human and robot perception of external world, logic, behavior planning and decision making. Some of those problems are under consideration.

CV: Prof. Dr. Arkady S. Yuschenko was graduated from Moscow Bauman State Technical University (BMSTU) as engineer and from Moscow Lomonosov State University as mathematician. From 1970 till now works in Moscow Bauman State Technical University as a teacher and researcher. To this time – doctor of technical sciences, professor, head of chair “Robotic Systems “ BMSTU.