Question 1: Is it allowed to program in LabView or the NXT-G of the LEGO Mindstorm Software?
Answer: No, only handwritten code is allowed.

Question 2: What kind of sensors will be used?
Answer: Standard LEGO NXT sensors and color HiTech sensor.

Question 3: What programming languages can be used?
The following programming languages can be used: NXC (Bricx CC 3.3 http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/), C (RobotC http://www.robotc.net/support/nxt/), Java (Lejos http://lejos.sourceforge.net/). Icon-based drag-and-drop programming languages (LabView, NXT-G LEGO Mindstorm) are not allowed.

Question 4: How many teams are going to the semifinal in Moscow?
Answer: Two teams from each university.